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Conflict, A Golden Opportunity: How Conflict Can Lead to Transformation, Personally and Globally

Charley Mulvey

Presented by certified mediator Charley Mulvey.

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  • Chalice Lighters Reminder!

    Have you ever participated in the UUA’s popular ‘Chalice Lighters’ program? Through small contributions from many, many people, the program is able to offer grants to congregations that need a little boost. To qualify to apply for a Chalice Lighter grant, our congregation must have a certain percentage of members that are members of the ...

  • Forum on Race, Violence, and Community held at UUCY

    Over 50 people attended a recent forum on race, violence and community, jointly sponsored by UUCY and Let’s Talk.  This was the second in what are planned to be a series of community conversations.  The first was held in the spring of 2015.  Featured speaker was the Rev. David Helseth, retired Pastor at Englewood Christian ...

  • Pokémon GO at UUCY!

    PNG stopping bypokestop photo

    Pokémon GO is the newest app craze, and it is absolutely sweeping the nation! Many churches are ‘Pokéstops’ on the app, including UUCY, and this feature is literally bringing folks to our front doors so they ...