Relating to the Invisible Other

Presented by UUCY member Dr. Andrew Whitmont. Religions are built around a concept and experience of an invisible being, variously called God, spirit, or otherwise, depending on the religion. UU’s have challenged these concepts and broken away from dogmatic positions to engage in, “a free and responsible search”, for truth and meaning. In this sermon Dr. … Continued


Rod’s House

This morning we’ll be joined by Joshua Jackson, Executive Director of Rod’s House, a local drop-in and service center for homeless youth.  Rod’s House is a frequent “Share the Plate” partner.

The Roots of Violence, the Seeds of Peace

In light of the recent tragic shooting in Las Vegas, Rev. Jones will be offering a sermon on “The Roots of Violence, the Seeds of Peace” this Sunday. Special musical guest Alistair Leon Kok on Violin.