Many masks are made this time of year to hide behind.  But some masks reveal things about us, too.  Bring the family to this all-ages celebration of Halloween.

First Sunday Pancake Breakfast

Bring the family to this all-ages pancake breakfast, with story and food for all.  Story and message presented by Linda King, Roger Smith, and Carole Sahlstrand.

Giving Life the Shape of Justice

Borrowing a line from one of our most beloved hymns, Rev. Jones will explore the third value identified in our visioning process: Justice.  What is justice?  What does it ask of us?  One year after our last national election, how has it changed?  Or not?

The Learning Community

The fourth value identified in our visioning process last year is “learning.”  This morning Rev. Jones will explore what learning means in a religious community.

Think Like a Storyteller

Use storytelling techniques to further your communication at work, at home, in life. Facilitated by Linda King.