Children's ArtIn the elementary classroom, students gather each week to meditate, share stories, participate in activities, and engage in discussion about what it means to be a good person and how Unitarian Universalism fits into the picture. We explore the principles upon which Unitarian Universalism is based, we discuss the intangible gifts that enrich our lives, we discover the benefits of participating in a church community, and we study the world’s diverse religions in order to better understand our faith neighbors. The classroom is a place of mutual respect, where teacher and students collaboratively decide on rules and gently hold each other accountable. Additionally, the student are the authors and illustrators of their own educational materials; the walls and even the ceiling are covered with the students’ own work, which acts as a visual map of everything they have learned together. Please feel free to join us on Sunday mornings, where your child can contribute his or her unique voice to the conversation and leave with a room full of friends and a heart full of love.