Linda Dunham

Around 1964 I was listening to a Protestant Sunday school teacher conduct a class discussing various Christian denomination. Somewhere I had heard of Unitarians and asked about them. “Oh,” she assured me, “We won’t talk about them, they’re heathens.” That aroused my curiosity so when soon after I saw a UUA ad in the back of a Saturday Review Magazine, I wrote a letter of inquiry. I was astonished when I received a prompt reply and a church of the Larger Fellowship membership card. I kept that membership for over 20 years during live in five different states even where there were fellowship or churches that I attended or joined.

In moving to Washington state I found the most satisfactory congregation with friendly, interesting people. Now that I have retired and moved to the Yakima area I enjoy, in addition to church services, book discussions, scrabble club, the quilter/crafter group, and Drinking Coffee Liberally.

I value the life of the mind and Unitarian Universalism gives me answers that I don’t always realize I need to know until I hear them. As I said recently, I did not so much become a UU person as discover I was one.