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Voting members of the church elect a Board of Trustees who hold executive power in the church. The board includes a President and Vice-President and five Trustees who serve staggered three year terms. The members may serve no more than two consecutive terms. The board holds regular monthly meetings that are open to all congregational members. It is responsible for the fiscal matters, personnel, the church property, and assuring that what needs to be done is done as well as possible.

President–Mike Gempler, Vice President–Bill Jacobs, Trustees–Ray Yates, Carole Sahlstrand, Phil Dindia, Merrill Thomsen, Jack Lambert

2019 Election results

Nominatimating Committee

Ulla Whitmont, Gene Dindea, Susan Kaphammer

Board of Trustees

                Trustee, three year: Ray Yates (second term)

                Trustee, three year: Jack Lambert

2018 Election results

Nominating Committee 2018-2019           

                Rafael Gonzales, Linda King, Ulla Whitmont

Board of Trustees

                President, two year: Mike Gempler (second term)

                Vice-President, two year: Bill Jacobs (second term)

                Trustee, three year: Phil Dindea

2017 Election results

Nominating Committee 2017-2018

Linda King, Sunny Sonker, Rafael Gonzales

Board of Trustees

VP, one year: Bill, vacated trustee position, completing second year of Merrill’s vice-presidency

Trustee one year: Phil, filling final year of Merrill’s position, which she vacated when she moved up to VP for 2016-2017 term

Trustee three year: Merrill, elected to open three-year trustee position

Trustee: Carol, had filled Lucy’s vacated trustee position, she was elected to open three-year position

2016 Election results

Nominating Committee 2016-2017

                Kathy Lambert, Chuck Forester, Nancy Born

Board of Trustees

                President, two year: Mike Gempler (first term)

                Vice-President, two year: Merrill Thomson (previously trustee)

                Trustee, three year: Jean Gonzales (first term, previously VP)

                Trustee, three year: Ray Yates (first term)

                Bill Jacobs, remaining two years of Merrill’s trustee position (second term)