Faith, Hope, and Love for Social Justice

“Between the Ridges Coalition for the Common Good” is an organization being formed in Yakima.   Many small nonprofits are providing stop-gap help for people in our community, but the impact is often temporary.  The Coalition hopes that combined efforts may lead to deeper, more comprehensive … read more.

Post-Thanksgiving Soup and Bread

Gratitude is like a muscle that you can build. By practicing daily we can find even the smallest thing to be grateful for on any given day. Maybe it is tissue for your tears. Or that extra zucchini the gardening neighbor snuck and placed by … read more.

The Gift of Generosity

The call for generosity may off-handedly be equated with the call to be kind. But deep, deliberate and conscious practice of generosity changes how we relate to life, prompts both the giver and the receiver to feel seen and less alone, and undermines comfortable views … read more.