There are times in all our lives when we need to be listened to. Not judged, not given advice, not to help solve problems, but just listened to. That is what pastoral care is all about. Rev. Ken Jones has undergone special training in pastoral care, and is happy to listen to you when you feel a need. He keeps regular office hours on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and is available to meet at other times by appointment. Learn more about Rev. Jones on our Staff Page.

It is not only Rev. Jones who does pastoral care as we all strive to live up to our Healthy Relations Covenant. We each can be a pastoral presence for others in our regular interactions with each other.  As a religious community, we are often there when needed — around the death or illness of a loved one, loss of a job or home, uncertain times of any sort. These are times when most all of us need an open and compassionate ear and a loving embrace.

Sometimes it may become clear, when offering pastoral care, that a person is in need of more than just someone to listen.  Rev. Jones may at times recommend some more structured forms of counseling when it seems appropriate.