Funeral FlowersDeath is, unfortunately, a part of life.  While Unitarian Universalists don’t have one prescribed view on what happens to one’s soul after his or her life on Earth is complete, we do embrace the importance of ritual and community upon the death of a loved one.

As with weddings, we believe each ceremony of passing should be a reflection of who the person was, and how he or she will be remembered. Indeed, many of us believe that a person lives on through the memories of others still alive — and the more we tell stories about the deceased, the more present they remain on Earth.

Rituals around death take all forms in the Unitarian Universalist Church. Our Minister, Rev. Ken Jones, will usually meet with the family of the deceased person and attempt to get to know the person and design a ceremony that is appropriate to the particular needs of the family and community. Often our rituals take the form of a Celebration of Life.  If you would like to speak with Rev. Jones or our church administrator about a memorial service, please call the church office at 509-453-8448 or click here to to send an email to the church.