While social distancing to mitigate the spread of coronovirus, the Soul Matters sessions are suspended.

The Soul Matters themes will be incorporated into online services each month.  The April 5 service by Zoom at 10:00 will feature materials inspired by the May Soul Matters theme of Thresholds.

See below for links to the full packet for further personal reflection and learning.

Reflect, Discuss, and Learn About SOUL MATTERS

The Soul Matters series offers UUCY members and friends the opportunity to reflect, discuss and learn together the meanings of spiritual concepts and how we might integrate them into our lives.  It is appropriate for long-time members and new visitors and everyone in-between.

The small group gatherings are the first Sunday of each month after Pancake breakfast beginning about 11:15 AM.  We will meet for 90 minutes in the Ivy Room on ground level at end of the hall.  No registration is required.


Thresholds: (Originally scheduled for May; will be explored in April 5 Zoom service at 10:00 AM.)  We are all experiencing a “time in-between.”  The familiar past has evaporated, and the future is unclear.  Join in considering this enforced “resting place” as time to help us “become” by asking us to just “be” for a while.  How we are doing and what might we learn through this Threshold.  Link to Thresholds Resource Packethttps://www.soulmatterssharingcircle.com/uploads/9/4/5/0/94501751/sm_2020-05_sg_thresholds.pdf

Liberation: (Originally scheduled for April 5; to be rescheduled later.)  How is my freedom tied up with the freedom of others?  Accepting that we are already enough.  Link to Liberation Resource Packet: https://www.soulmatterssharingcircle.com/uploads/9/4/5/0/94501751/sm_2020-02_sg_liberation.pdf

Play: (Originally scheduled for June; currently on hold as material to address current concerns in this time of Covid 19.  New material will be released later in April.)

The online resources provide readings and questions that introduce the theme and prompt reflection and discussion. Our group session pulls from this material to challenge us to think about how the topic applies to our daily living.  Because efforts to embody spiritual values in our lives requires more than intellectual engagement, “spiritual exercises” will guide experiential engagement with the theme.  If you prefer a hard copy of the packet, please leave a message for Susan Kaphammer at the church office. Your engagement at our session may be enhanced by consideration of these materials before the session, but this is not required. 

While consistent participation is encouraged, each session can stand alone and anyone interested is encouraged to attend any session.