Merrill Thomsen

All my life I’ve been on a spiritual search. When I was a little girl, I was quite religious with a strong Methodist background. As I grew older, I began to wonder why I was Blessed just by virtue of my geographic place of birth…. like what kind of religion would condemn any little children to Hell for no good reason? None, as far as I could see. The Questioning had begun.

In college I attended my first UU church in Spokane, WA, and although it was only for several visits, the experience sent me searching for Eastshore UU Church (Bellevue, WA) when I started my teaching career. I loved that Church and the people, my interest diminished when a new minister replaced the charismatic, warm man I had so admired and appreciated. And as my life had many comings and goings, I did not return to a UU church–or any church–until several years ago when my husband died, and I realized that I needed a broader support system.

What I found at UUCY was a welcoming group of people who have become family. I am full of Gratitude that I made the step into this place where I can be myself–totally. A place where I can continue to investigate the meaning of life–the possibility of a Greater Universal Power….spiritual mysteries. A place where I can contribute my skills, my energy, and my resources toward improving our world–close and far away. A place with good people who hold shared values. It was what I was looking for. What I wanted. Come. Join us.