Speaker: Carole Sahlstrand

Letter from Birmingham Jail

Carole Sahlstrand will read and we will discuss Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail”.

How to ‘ZOOM’ to UUCY Sunday Services!
Anyone with a computer, tablet, smartphone, or regular phone can join for free (except with a regular phone you won’t see everyone, but … read more.

‘Working from Home’

This Mother’s Day, join your UUCY friends online to hear Carole Sahlstrand reflect on what our current ‘working from home’ environment reveals about the long history of the critical but undervalued work from home that has been traditionally done by mothers and women.

How … read more.

Social Justice and Sharing the Plate

Have we fulfilled our commitment to social justice and engagement through Share the Plate? Members of the UUCY Social Justice Committee Carole Sahlstrand and Phil Dindia will be speaking not only on Share the Plate, but our definition of what ‘social justice’ looks like at … read more.

On Secular Humanism

Join us for this Summer Services Presentation- 10:00 a.m., downstairs in the Fellowship Hall where it’s nice and cool!
Presentation by UUCY member Carole Sahlstrand