Speaker: Rev. Ken Jones

Can the Nation Long Endure?

Pre-empted by a President’s Day weekend blizzard, and inspired by Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, this Sunday Rev. Jones reflects on the continuing legacy of the American Civil War

Regular Services Cancelled

The regular service is cancelled due bad weather and slick roads. Please stay warm and safe. Rev. Ken Jones is walking to church and putting the coffee on for anyone who wants to drop in.

The Practice of Naming

Humans are creatures greatly informed by our use of language.  One way we use language is to name people and things.  Lakes, rivers, eras, and even religious communities are named.  Is that what they then become?

Holiday All-Family celebration

All ages will enjoy this holiday celebration where we decorate our seasonal tree with the rituals and traditions that bring meaning to many of us.


How has Unitarian Universalism changed lives?  How has it changed yours?  This morning Rev. Jones will offer some food for thought.