Speaker: Rev. Ken Jones

What Would Moses Do?

This morning Rev. Jones will be joined by Rev. Paul Benz of the Washington Faith Action Network, a statewide interfaith network advocating for the common good. UUCY will also be hosting the FAN Fall Cluster Gathering later in the day from 2 to 4 … read more.

Those “Mucky” Words

Many of us have trouble hearing words evoking traditional religion. This morning Rev. Jones will acknowledge this and offer some new ways of interpreting old words with sometimes harmful meaning.

Flower Ceremony

This is the day of our annual “Flower Ceremony” in which all are invited to bring a flower to symbolize our unique character. We’ll exchange flowers in the service. Please plan to stay after for our annual Congregational Meeting.

Mysteries Unfolding

Rev. Ken Jones delves into “Systems Thinking” as a new way to understand the universe and our place in it.

The Power of Memory

On this Easter Sunday in the (Western) Christian Calendar, Rev. Jones invites us to make room for Yom Hashoah, the Jewish days of observance of the Holocaust.

Loving the Earth

As our hopes for a technological fix to climate change become ever more elusive, we have choices about how we treat one another and the precious world that is undeniably part of who we are