Rev. Ken Jones

“In This Moment” of Gratitude

Prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, Rev. Jones reminds us that gratitude is a spiritual practice.  We’ll have our annual Soup and Bread Luncheon following the service.


How has Unitarian Universalism changed lives?  How has it changed yours?  This morning Rev. Jones will offer some food for thought.

All Souls Halloween All-Family service

People of all ages can participate in this service honoring our ancestors, or “those who’ve gone before.”  You are invited to bring a momento of a deceased loved one to share if you wish.

Question Box

This Sunday we’ll move downstairs to begin our summer programs, with Rev. Jones fielding questions on which he’ll attempt to build a sermon.

Coming Home

This morning Rev. Jones reflects on recent experiences with two local Representatives with the US Congress, reminding us of the value of religious community, and of the value of stepping outside of religious community.

Floating the Rhythm

The last of the series of sermons Rev. Jones is delivering on the six sources of Unitarian Universalist faith — and just in time for Earth Day: “Spiritual teachings of Earth-centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in … read more.