Change of Plans: August 29th Service On Zoom

On August 17th the UUCY Board met in an emergency Zoom session regarding in-person services. It was decided to suspend in-person services through the month of August due to the COVID threat and current air quality issues. This decision wasn’t taken lightly. Members of the Sunday Services Committee also were included in the Zoom meeting and provided much thought and guidance to the Board which assisted greatly in the decision.

Safety of our members and friends was the main concern that came into making the hard decision. I know we all want to get back to our normal lives and be able to be with each other and that will happen. There are a lot of unknowns regarding COVID and the current changing air quality, so I ask that we be patient although patience sometimes is not my strong suit. As I am writing this the air quality has improved significantly but your guess is good as mine on how long that will last. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Regarding our services, what this means is that the “Coffee and Conversation” hosted by Merrill and scheduled for August 22nd is cancelled. Susan Kaphammer’s “Soul Matters” service scheduled for August 29th will be held on Zoom. As usual the link will be in the weekly update.

No services had been planned for September 5 (Labor Day weekend). The Board will have their regularly scheduled meeting September 9 via Zoom and will revisit the decision of in-person services. As always members are welcome to attend these meetings. In the meantime, Be Safe and take care of yourself. Reach out to your friends and support each other in these trying times. If you have any concerns or thoughts, please reach out to any Board member.

Peace and Love, 

Ray Yates, UUCY Board Vice-President