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First Sunday Breakfast

Join us for a short reflective service followed by food and fellowship for everyone.

Deep Magic and Other Mysteries of Life

No matter what you call those mysterious, head-shaking events in life—Deep Magic, Improbably Moments of Grace, Help from the Angels, or something else—they continue to happen too often to discard or ignore.  “They remain unexplained, and yet there they are,”  writes Rev. Meg Barnhouse, UU … read more.

The Power of Memory

On this Easter Sunday in the (Western) Christian Calendar, Rev. Jones invites us to make room for Yom Hashoah, the Jewish days of observance of the Holocaust.

Loving the Earth

As our hopes for a technological fix to climate change become ever more elusive, we have choices about how we treat one another and the precious world that is undeniably part of who we are

First Sunday Breakfast

Join us for a short service followed by food and fellowship. We’ll hear a short message from people from Rod’s House, with whom we regularly share our offering.

Stories Are Us

You don’t have to look very far to find UU values and lessons reflected
in story and song.  Join Linda King, Susan Kaphammer, Rosemary Saul,
Roger Smith and Sonny Sonker in this celebration of story.

YWCA of Yakima

This morning we welcome Cheri Kilty of the YWCA of Yakima to talk about their work.

Can the Nation Long Endure?

Pre-empted by a President’s Day weekend blizzard, and inspired by Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, this Sunday Rev. Jones reflects on the continuing legacy of the American Civil War

First Sunday Breakfast

Bring the whole family for a short service led by member Phil Dindia, followed by food and fellowship for everyone.