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Welcome to our service this Sunday as we explore aspects of the theme of Welcome: welcoming change in our personal and spiritual lives, encouraged by a faith that welcomes change; widening our welcome to include all, inviting the wholeness of who we are; and practicing … read more.

Yoga: The Union of Mind, Body, & Soul

With David Lynx

We often think of yoga as a fitness program, but there are many paths to the union of body, mind, and soul. Discover the eight branches of yoga.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

What is ‘home’? Can you describe it or otherwise call it into shape? Americans have a complex relationship with the idea of home. This includes churches, too. In tumultuous times such as now, is it possible to have a home where strangers are welcome and … read more.

We’re All That, And Music Too!

Join Sunny Sonker and Linda King for this coffee and conversation service exploring who and what we are, inspired by beautiful music & UU musings.

Families of Blood and Choice

Sometimes we are born into families that remain relevant all our lives, but sometimes not. Other ways to gain family is by choosing or even “happening into” a close group that functions as parents, siblings, and so on.  This coffee and conversation gives us a … read more.

Recreation for Re-Creation

Recreation is about engaging in delightful activities that bring in glee. Join in a discussion around the necessity of recreation and giving some time for it. How does re-creating help us to create better in our lives?

The Impact & Influence of Animals in Our Lives

The seventh principle of Unitarian Universalism calls upon us to practice “respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” Animals live on the web all around us every day, seen or unseen. We may experience them in nature, at home, as … read more.

No Sunday Service

We will not be holding services in July; services will resume in August.