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Goblins, Ghouls and Ghosts in Your Life

Relationships have been a major focus of our October UUCY services. We’ve explored sharing, journeying together, mending our frayed edges and what it means to nurture and cultivate relationships. This Sunday Linda King will facilitate as we explore the goblins (mischievous sprites), ghouls (beings that … read more.

Cultivating Relationships

Pandemic time has given us the chance to learn an important truth about relationships by bringing so much to a halt and making us more mindful and deliberate about our interactions.  An essential learning about cultivating relationships is how important it is to Go Slow.  … read more.

Embracing Possibilities

We are living in times of significant change.  The recent past has brought upheavals in daily activities, relationships, and social expectations.  Our UUCY congregation has been and continues to be experiencing changes in where we are, who we are, and what we do.  We are … read more.

What Does It Mean To Be a People of Expectation?

The topic of “expectations” seems particularly appropriate as UUCY is poised at the beginning of a new church year, in a space new to us, with (perhaps) new social and health rules.  In our liberal and humanist traditions, UUs tend to assume tremendous power of human … read more.

A Conversation on Community

Join together for an informal coffee and conversation service.  Connect in person with other UU friends, sharing your thoughts, your concerns, your epiphanies.  A suggested topic for today is the origin of your ideas on community.  Merrill Thomsen, host.

What Does It Mean To Be A People of Play?

“We all are playing.  Playing it up, playing it down, trying to play fair.  Playing for keeps, playing favorites, playing it safe, sometimes too safe. He plays hardball; They’re playing house; I’m playing it by ear, or at least learning to play it by ear.  She’s … read more.

Tune-In Together: Books That Changed Our Lives

Our Tune in Together service will be from Essex Church (Kensington Unitarian) London and is billed as “A service titled ‘Books That Changed Our Lives’, led by Jane Blackall with contributions by Pat Gregory, Marianne Harvey, Maria Petnga-Wallace, and Hannah King. Featuring music by Abby … read more.