The New Normal

Pandemics are life-threatening events that occur more frequently than we wish to admit. Each time we focus on the immediate, the day-to-day, and try to muddle through and eventually “get back to normal.”

However, we never get back to normal since these traumatic episodes alter us and our world in ways we usually choose to ignore or defy. They frequently accelerate change and transform things in ways we never anticipated.

This service is not a sermon but an examination of how the zeitgeist has changed and how we have been changed. It is an inward journey of self examination and perhaps discovery. Please participate.

Presented by Art Busch.

How to ‘ZOOM’ to UUCY Sunday Services!
Anyone with a computer, tablet, smartphone, or regular phone can join for free (except with a regular phone you won’t see everyone, but you can hear and speak.) You will need to download the Zoom app first for either PC or phone at, or from your regular app store.

In order to maintain the security and sanctity of our online meetings, the specific ‘Zoom’ links will only be available via our Weekly Update email. If you are not already on our email list, please contact the office at and we will be happy to help!