Speaker: Art Busch

A World With Fewer Children

An Examination of the Rapidly Declining Birth Rate and Its Implications

Former UUCY member Art Busch, who now lives near Dayton, Ohio, will make a presentation on this timely topic. This will be a Zoom presentation and will be shown as part of the service at the … read more.

After the Plague: Now What?

Art Busch will examine what happens during plagues, what comes after, and how it’s changed our lives and us.

This service will be online only; watch your weekly update or contact the office for the link.

The New Normal

Pandemics are life-threatening events that occur more frequently than we wish to admit. Each time we focus on the immediate, the day-to-day, and try to muddle through and eventually “get back to normal.”

However, we never get back to normal since these traumatic episodes alter us … read more.