Speaker: Andrew Whitmont

“Fifth Smooth Stone” of Liberal Religion

Andrew Whitmont will present on the fifth and last of UU theologian James Luther Adams’ “Five Smooth Stones” of liberal religion. In this talk we will enlarge our understanding of how our liberal religion’s underlying theological position provides grounds for optimism as we strive to fulfill the … read more.

“Fourth Smooth Stone” of Liberal Religion

This has to do with denial and affirmation, based on what we have learned by way of the first three stones. It sounds like a pile of rocks, but its better than that and requires our efforts. Come find out how. Presented by Andrew Whitmont.

Theological Foundations of Our Liberal Religion

This talk, presented by UUCY member Andrew Whitmont, delves further into the theological foundations of our liberal religion. Given that liberal religious truth and understanding are open ended and inclusive, what about behavior and choice? Why are we not coerced by a hierarchy of church officials and … read more.

Sunday Services on Zoom: Theological Stones

UUCY Member Andrew Whitmont presenting. First in a series of five.

What are the theological underpinnings of the “free and responsible search for truth and meaning,” which we covenant and promote?  Did you know there are Unitarian/Universalist theologians who have articulated a well thought out theology … read more.

Dealing with the Inevitable

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by events that are out of your control? Do you ever wonder what you are to do?  This talk will address these matters and suggest possible ways to cope and maintain your emotional equilibrium.  UUCY member Andrew Whitmont presenting.

Relating to the Invisible Other

Presented by UUCY member Dr. Andrew Whitmont. Religions are built around a concept and experience of an invisible being, variously called God, spirit, or otherwise, depending on the religion. UU’s have challenged these concepts and broken away from dogmatic positions to engage in, “a free and … read more.