Susan Kaphammer

I Am What I Do

How often do we identify ourselves by what we do – how we earn our living; how we spend our time out in the world. But does this explain who we are? In this service, Susan Kaphammer will consider the relationships between what we do … read more.

Are We Really the Grown-ups Now?

The deaths of significant individuals who had roles in raising, guiding and supporting me leaves me at odds with my own sense that I am still “growing up.” In this service I will explore personal challenges and spiritual opportunities of becoming the older generation.
Presented … read more.

Get on the Bus!

Join us for this journey into our past, present and future as we explore our own UUCY Healthy Relations Covenant and what it means to us as individuals and as a church. Facilitated by Susan Kaphammer and Linda King.

Annual Water Communion Ceremony

In this all-ages ritual, all are invited to bring water symbolizing the places and ways your spiritual well springs forth.  We merge the waters and take blessings from the richness of spiritual community.   Plan to also stay for our annual Ice Cream Social after the … read more.

Memorial Memories

In preparation for Memorial Day, join UUCY member Susan Kaphammer and others in remembering those who have influenced us in this Gathering Spirit Sunday.