Speaker: Susan Kaphammer

Coffee & Conversation: About Books

Christopher Paolini, in his novel Eragon, wrote, “Books are my friends, my companions.  They make me laugh and cry and find meaning in life.”  What books are your friends?  What have you found to laugh and cry about?  And what meanings for life have you found in books? … read more.

Celebrating Blessings

While acknowledging how easy it is to feel demoralized, daunted and defeated these days, today’s service will remind us of the role of blessings in our lives. It’s not just about widening our view to see the gifts and blessings themselves; it’s about widening our … read more.

Nurturing Beauty

Beauty – in nature, in art, in everyday things, in each other – enriches our lives.  Perhaps beauty is also a part of our world to teach us.  Today’s service suggests that we might approach beauty not by asking, “Do I like it or not?” … read more.

Widening the Circle

We may find ourselves, particularly in difficult times such as now, wanting to rest within circles of familiarity, safety, and comfort, such as family circles or circles of friends.  But are we meant to stay within safe circles?  Today’s service, based on the Soul Matters resources, challenges … read more.

Choosing Joy, Part 2

This time of year we are urged to feel and spread joy, but these superficial messages are often in the service of merchandising.  In a follow-up to our service of November 21, Susan Kaphammer invites you to take a deeper look at ordinary joy and … read more.

Cultivating Relationships

Pandemic time has given us the chance to learn an important truth about relationships by bringing so much to a halt and making us more mindful and deliberate about our interactions.  An essential learning about cultivating relationships is how important it is to Go Slow.  … read more.