Speaker: Bill Jacobs

UU Purposes and Principles Revisited!

 A UUA Study Commission has proposed a revision to the UU Sources and Principles —  which are now enumerated in Article II of the UUA By-Laws. The change will be voted on at the General Assembly in June 2024, and as a UU congregation in … read more.

Harvest Festival & Apple Brunch Potluck

Join Bill Jacobs, Sunny Sonker, Emilee Solomon and our church family for a celebration of the harvest season! Discover harvest celebrations from around the world as well as our own Yakima harvest traditions in this service for all ages.

Apple Brunch: Plan to bring a finger … read more.

Father’s Day: A Nothing Burger

This Sunday’s service will be held in the small chapel at Central Lutheran Church (1604 W Yakima Ave) at 11 a.m.!

Use the entrance on Yakima Avenue. There is parking in front of that door.

A popular and engaging speaker, Bill Jacobs will share thoughts on Father’s Day. Join us … read more.

Coffee and Conversation: My Unsung Hero

This service will be held at the Eagles Club, located at 307 W. Chestnut Ave. in Yakima. We will be on the main floor, banquet room on the west end of the building as you enter.

It’s happened to all of us – something goes wrong and we’re not … read more.

This I Believe

Unitarian Universalists are often known more for what they don’t believe than for what they do believe.  But, even though we do not have a creed that members must follow, we do have strongly held beliefs – the details of which can vary from member … read more.

UU Highlights: General to Local, Past to Present

During the past 65 years, the history of the UU community in Yakima has closely mirrored the history of the nation-wide UU Association — both have evolved to accommodate changing ideas of what “liberal religion” means.

This review of our history will suggest some ideas on … read more.